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Eric Van Steenburg ('13)

2013 PhD marketing alumnus Eric Van Steenburg will be elected American Marketing Association’s (AMA) president of the AMA Collegiate Chapters Council (CCC). 

Van Steenburg currently serves as assistant professor of marketing at Montana State University’s Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship.

After joining Montana State in 2015, Van Steenburg started the student chapter of the American Marketing Association, which was named a top 25 chapter out of nearly 400 worldwide, in its first year. The students have competed in the AMA Case Competition through a course that Van Steenburg created, and have made the finals three of the four years they have entered. Under his guidance as faculty advisor, the students have also won competitions in Marketing Strategy and Undergraduate Research, placed in the top 3 in Sales and Website Design, and had one student named runner-up for National Marketing Student of the Year.

“Eric is one of the very best PhD graduates that I have ever had the pleasure of mentoring as his dissertation chair. He is a very accomplished graduate of ours and one that the Ryan College of Business should be very proud to showcase as an example to follow,” said Dr. Nancy Spears, marketing professor at the G. Brint Ryan College of Business.



Kimberly Houser

A publication titled “Board Gender Diversity: A Path to Achieving Substantive Equality in the US,” co-authored by Clinical Assistant Professor Kimberly Houser, has been accepted in William & Mary L. Rev, a top 20 Law Review.

“The article, which explains why the EU has more women in leadership roles than the US, explores the constitutional, legislative, and cultural differences between the two, and suggests a new Substantive Equal Right Amendment as a solution,” explains Houser.

Analyzing legislative efforts, such as the 2018 California law requiring at least one woman to serve on boards (and other similarly instated laws), Houser concludes that “parallel constitutional action and cultural change in the United States” is necessary to avoid failure.

The publication states that current industry quotas do not address the underlying social structures that inhibit true equality, and proposes to have the focus of policy makers be on “eliminating the obstacles women and racial minorities face when seeking leadership positions.”



Jaime Aguero ('17)

Jaime Aguero, 2017 UNT MBA graduate, recently joined the Dean’s Circle of Excellence as one of the program’s inaugural members.

“I became an inaugural member of The Dean’s Circle of Excellence because of its vision to grow the Ryan College of Business with alumni collaboration and strive for institutional excellence,” explained Aguero. “The knowledge I gained and the friendships I made while earning my MBA at the Ryan College of Business have benefited me immensely as a Senior Operations Manager for JPMorgan Chase and, for that, I am more than happy to give back."

As a member of the Dean’s Circle of Excellence, Aguero’s support assists the Dean’s top priorities to ensure institutional excellence at the G. Brint Ryan College of Business—supporting initiatives such as student scholarships, programming, data and software, and marketing and branding. To learn how you can join this circle of changemakers, visit:




Global Sports Innovator Stadia Ventures Collaborates with UNT


The University of North Texas sport entertainment management program is collaborating with Stadia Ventures, a global sports innovation hub for entrepreneurs, industry partners and investors headquartered in St. Louis.

Together, Stadia and UNT will cohost an exclusive summer event where students can showcase their creativity and business knowledge by developing a startup pitch with the added advantage of a coaching assist from Stadia executives acting as mentors.

As part of the collaboration, students also will work with Stadia to conduct research and collect data relating to emerging global sports technology and innovation. Stadia will support educational programs alongside the UNT sport entertainment management curriculum and offer unique internship opportunities for UNT students across Stadia events and cohorts.

“The UNT sport entertainment management program prides itself on its ability to partner with the industry and having Stadia Ventures join our partners at the Dallas Cowboys and the PGA of America provides our students with unique access to the latest innovations in sports technology, and an incredible network of some of the brightest minds in the sport industry,” said Bob Heere, program director of UNT’s undergraduate and graduate sport entertainment management programs. “We couldn’t be more pleased about this collaboration.”


Professor Allison McLeod appointed to AICPA REG subcommittee

Accounting Professor Allison McLeod was appointed to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) CPA Exam Regulation (REG) subcommittee for the 2021-2022 volunteer service year.

Beginning May 26, 2021, McLeod’s appointment, which is renewable for three years, brings positive visibility and prestige to college. She will help set policy and draft questions for upcoming CPA exams, which will give her a unique perspective on the exams.

AICPA is the world’s largest member association for accounting with more than 431,000 current members from 130 different countries and territories. Dating back to 1887, AICPA has a long history of serving the public.

COBOL remains alive and well, despite its age

People in the industry have a message for you: COBOL isn't dead and they bristle at the notion the programming language has outlived its usefulness. COBOL is "alive and well. As are its mainframe coworkers," said Leon Kappelman, an IS professor at the University of North Texas. 

One reason is "there is no business case to replace them," Kappelman said. 

By some estimates, 220 billion lines of code still exist. "If that 220 billion lines number is even close, then the replacement cost is probably between $4 and $8 trillion dollars today--maybe more," he said. These tend to be large software systems and replacing them is risky, according to Kappelman. 

"And there's always the question of: Replace them with what? COBOL was invented largely to build systems to process transactions and generate reports," which was one of the main types of processes getting computerized at that time, he said.

Published by Esther Shein in Developer, 2021


HR Collaborative addresses workforce reintegrating after COVID

The next UNT HR Collaborative will be addressing the pervasive question of how to reintegrate your workforce after COVID.

The virtual event, taking place on April 8, from 1:00 - 2:15 pm, will host Leiza Dolghih, labor and employment attorney with Lewis Brisbois. Dolghih will facilitate a discussion surrounding trending challenges related to reintegration, including vaccinations, return to work, in-person vs. remote work arrangements and employee accommodations. Dolghih will also address questions that event attendees have related to the topic.

The event is free and open to the public, but registration is required. Click the link below to sign up, and don’t forget to include your question(s) for Dolghih in the registration form.


Business Conversations: Emerging Performance Metrics for Corporate Performance: Environmental, Social and Governance

In this month's Business Conversations podcast, Dr Akhil Kumar, executive director of the Institute of Petroleum Accounting at UNT, talks to Coleman Rowland and Brian Matlock about the emerging performance metrics for corporate performance.
Coleman Rowland serves as the national consulting leader for BKD National Energy & Natural Resources Practice, while Brian Matlock serves as BKD’s National Energy and Natural Resource Leader, specializing in oil and gas private equity.

Tune in to hear what both Rowland and Matlock have to say and listen to other Business Conversations episodes for featured expert opinions on relevant news affecting today's business world.




The McNatt Emergency Fund was established in 2019 by Jim ('66) and Linda McNatt to provide Ryan College of Business students facing financial crisis with the necessary funding to keep them enrolled and progressing toward their degree. Awards as large as $3,000 are granted to students to alleviate the financial stress they may be facing. 


A $5,000 gift will support UNT's presidential initiative to provide financial support to students who have immediate and pressing needs related to the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Funds will fulfill short-term needs and help students achieve their long-term educational objectives.


The Dean’s Excellence Fund also provides immediate, essential support to our students. This fund serves as a vital resource to help our students and campus respond to opportunities and challenges as they occur. When you support the Dean’s Excellence Fund, you support the strategic vision of the college by allowing the Dean to have flexibility in directing the use of resources to the priorities of the college during this difficult time.




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