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William Thompson ('26)

William Thompson’s first encounter with Coursera was through the employee training and development opportunities provided by his employer, The LEGO Group. Because of his company’s use of Coursera, Thompson discovered that he could also separately explore transformational degree programs like the Bachelor of Science in General Business (BSGB), offered by UNT on Coursera.
From the moment Thompson first reached out, he experienced UNT's personalized attention and genuine care. Advisors were readily available to answer questions, address concerns, and guide him through processes and scenarios. The combination of UNT's reputable faculty and caring support system convinced him that he had found the right institution for his business education.
“You can’t fail because you always have someone in [your] corner,” said Thompson.
UNT's commitment to accessibility and affordability also reaffirmed Thompson’s choice to join the program. As a working professional, he appreciated being able to log in at his convenience, completing coursework in the morning before starting his daily job. Whether during busy periods at work, or unforeseen circumstances, Thompson has been able to effectively balance his studies with his professional commitments thanks to the program's flexibility.
Thompson has even already found practical applications for the concepts he’s studied, benefiting his work at The LEGO Group.

“I have learned so much already and I’ve only taken five classes.”

Prioritizing management and marketing, the program aligns perfectly with his aspirations as he equips himself for high-demand roles and responsibilities.

With the BSGB program from UNT in partnership with Coursera, Thompson has tapped into a newfound passion for learning. Through engaging coursework, collaborative group projects, and real-world applications, he has expanded his knowledge and developed essential skills. Thanks to the program's emphasis on practicality, Thompson has transformed his mindset and is now considering the possibility of pursuing an MBA in the future.

Published by Coursera Blog, December 2023



Addy Stock ('24)


Addy Stock's journey at the University of North Texas took a transformative turn during a pivotal internship at Safran Electrical & Power, a renowned French aerospace company. Initially nervous about the experience, Stock quickly discovered her passion for Human Resources (HR) and the aerospace industry.

“I was so fascinated with everyone and everything, the career and the company just amazed me,” said Stock. “As the days went on and I really got accustomed to the job, there was no doubt in my mind that this was for me.”

Under the mentorship of her manager, Megan Garner, Stock not only honed her HR skills, but also learned the importance of confidence and resilience. Garner's guidance instilled in Stock a sense of purpose, inspiring her to fight for her professional aspirations and appreciate the significance of her voice in any role. The internship became a cornerstone in Stock's career path, leading her to the role of HR Coordinator at CFM Materials, another aerospace company, where she is currently thriving.

Stock acknowledges the instrumental role of UNT's HR program in shaping her success. The program provides her with exceptional professors who are not only dedicated to academic excellence, but also invested in her overall success beyond the classroom.

“I have been able to meet and network with so many incredible people within the business school and the program,” explained Stock. “I feel like I have been given so many incredible opportunities that I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else.”

Stock's story serves as a testament to the HR program at UNT, emphasizing the importance of seizing opportunities, networking, and utilizing career center resources for personal and professional growth.

“My advice for future HR students would be to network and take advantage of the Wilson Jones Career Center. When looking for jobs and internships you want your resumes and cover letters to look perfect. Having the Career Center come to my classes to speak and go through the process of creating these documents was so helpful.”


Julie Anderson & Melisa Denis

On UNT’s first-ever “Giving Day” in May 2023, UNT Alumnus Randy Robason generously agreed to match up to $100,000 in donations to the G. A. “Jack” Robason Endowed Scholarship in Accounting. The scholarship was created by Randy in honor of his father, Jack Robason, a former accounting faculty member, and later vice president of Fiscal Affairs, at North Texas State.

Today, two distinguished accounting alumni, Julie Anderson and Melisa Denis, have stepped up to the challenge.

Driven by their common passion for empowering the next generation of accounting students and their gratitude for the education they received at UNT, Anderson and Denis contributed a combined total of $40,000 toward the $100,000 match goal, unlocking additional funds for student support.

“I am so grateful for all of the giants that invested in my career along my professional journey,” explained Denis. “I am honored to invest in the next generation and these scholarships are a terrific opportunity to pay it forward to young students and invest in their journey.”

The ripple effect of Anderson's and Denis’ commitment creates a legacy that will benefit generations to come. Their story not only celebrates the spirit of giving, but also highlights the profound impact that a group of people, united by a shared passion, can have on the educational journey of others.

If you would like to also share your passion for education and help the Ryan College of Business reach its $100,000 match, click here today.


Rebranding positions Center as a leader in energy education

As of January 26, 2024, the Institute of Petroleum Accounting (IPA) has been officially rebranded as the Center for Energy Accounting and Sustainability (CEAS) at the University of North Texas.
This strategic rebranding is motivated by a vision of expanding the Center’s footprint in the energy sector.

“The decision to expand our scope reflects an awareness of the evolving energy landscape, emphasizing a commitment to a more comprehensive understanding of energy accounting,” explained CEAS Director Govind Iyer.

While acknowledging the pivotal role of oil and gas, the CEAS will actively integrate other energy sources, including renewables, positioning itself at the forefront of a diverse and sustainable energy future.

The primary goal of the Center is to equip students with the skills necessary to navigate this dynamic environment, ensuring they receive a well-rounded education that encompasses the entire spectrum of energy resources to meet the industry's evolving demands—and this shift helps position the CEAS as a leader in energy education.

“This expansion not only underscores our commitment to adaptability but also ensures that our graduates are prepared for the challenges and opportunities presented by a rapidly changing energy landscape,” said Iyer.

A town hall meeting aimed to inform students about career opportunities in energy accounting is scheduled for Fall 2024. Additionally, a two-day Energy Conference in Denver is set for November 13 and 14, which will bring together experts, researchers and industry leaders to explore and discuss the latest advancements, challenges and opportunities in the ever-evolving energy landscape.

The CEAS remains committed to fostering excellence in energy education, and these initiatives mark just the beginning of its endeavors to provide an enriching and impactful experience for UNT students and the broader community.

Dean Wiley named among top most influential leaders in Dallas

In recognition of her leadership and influence, Ryan College of Business Dean Marilyn Wiley has been named on the prestigious Dallas 500 list by D CEO.

This esteemed list of individuals, now in its ninth edition, is a testament to Dean Wiley's impactful contributions to the North Texas business landscape. The Dallas 500 is renowned for featuring profiles of the most influential executives across more than 50 industry categories, highlighting both established and emerging leaders who play pivotal roles in driving the regional economy.
This recognition not only reflects Dean Wiley's professional accomplishments, but also acknowledges her leadership style and ability to drive innovation, growth and success in the North Texas region.

UNT HR students earn regional scholarship for third year in a row

For the third year in a row, two UNT students have been named the sole awardees of the North Texas Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Robert P. Lette Scholarship.
Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management Seniors India Ohasiri (pictured above) and Hannah Ayozie took home $1,000 each as part of the honor. For both Ohasiri and Ayozie, these scholarships will make a large impact on their education and financial freedom.

“I applied for the Roger P. Lette Scholarship because it aligned with my interests in HR and provided a financial opportunity,” explained Ohasiri. “Being a full-time college student, it can be a struggle to balance academic pursuits with financial responsibilities and the scholarship provided a cushion for me.”

Both individuals were awarded the scholarships based their academic achievements, UNT SHRM involvement, volunteerism and commitment to the HR profession.

“This scholarship means a lot to me, because it shows that hard work doesn't go unnoticed,” said Ohasiri.


Educational partners bring real-world experiences into the classroom

Don’t underestimate the influence our educational partners have on the future of our students. Our partners provide opportunities for our students to apply the knowledge they have acquired in their academic careers to real world experiences. This transfer of knowledge prepares our students for the future, giving them the confidence and skills necessary to become value added partners in industry.
Geoforce, a global asset tracking provider, has partnered with Cathy Westurn of the Department of Management for the last three years to provide experiential learning opportunities for UNT HR students. Carol Anderson, VP of HR with Geoforce, partners with students in the HR management course to provide them with business challenges ranging from identifying and creating a new HRIS system to re-engineering employee onboarding programs. Each team acts as HR consultants by researching the business challenge defined, and providing solutions to Geoforce leadership at the end of the semester in a presentation format. Geoforce has implemented several ideas presented by the students over the past three years and continues to express interest in an ongoing partnership with future HR students. 
This partnership has been positively received by HR students and has proven to provide significant value to our educational partner, Geoforce. This semester, our Strategic HR Management class is working with a new client, DFW Airport, to address challenges related to talent acquisition and talent development. 

Business Conversations: The media and financial markets

UNT Ryan College of Business Associate Professor Rick Cazier talks to us about how the media can affect financial markets on the most recent episode of Business Conversations.

Many people are aware of media bias and how it changes perceptions of things like politics, but are you aware of its potential to affect financial markets and investors? Dr. Cazier discusses the many implications that media can have on stock prices, financial markets and even shareholder lawsuits.

Tune in to hear what Dr. Cazier has to say and listen to other Business Conversations episodes for featured expert opinions on relevant news affecting today's business world.




The Dean’s Excellence Fund provides immediate, essential support to our students. This fund serves as a vital resource to help our students and campus respond to opportunities and challenges as they occur. When you support the Dean’s Excellence Fund, you support the strategic vision of the college by allowing the Dean to have flexibility in directing the use of resources to the priorities of the college at any given time.


The Jack Robason Scholarship in Accounting provides awards to students pursuing a career in the accounting field so they can progress toward their degree without financial constraint. This scholarship is awarded to full-time accounting students in the Ryan College of Business in the Master’s program.
Thanks to a generous donation by UNT Alumnus Randy Robason, all gifts made to the Jack Robason scholarship will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, up to $100,000.




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